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Thread: Lipid panel

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    Lipid panel

    Have been a gear user for a good long while now and finally decided to get some bloodwork done. My father is a doctor and saw the results and is very concerned. These results have to be high even for mid cycle correct? I'm a very what I thought was a healthy 38 year old w single digit BF. I admit my diet could be alot better and being in the military, stress is a factor. He is concerned about my triglycerides and cholesterol and telling me to get them under control or risk very real health problems soon. Anything you guys do to keep levels down? Thx.
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    These readings to me are horrible man, really bad! I am not sure what history or use you have, but I would suspect this is long time abuse, not use.
    I would suspect this has been going on and become worse over time, so it has not much to do with mid cycle per se.
    I would get the entire BW done asap and re-post, everything from lipids, kidneys, liver, CBC, hormone panel etc etc.
    One issue usually follow with a range of others.
    I would also completely stop with what you are doing and head back to study instead of playing around, especially since you write the words "finallt"
    and include admit my diet could be a lot better"....

    I don't want to scare you, but I lost a friend recently in similar, and he was 28, you are 10 years older.

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