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    High TSH after T3 cycle..

    Hello i did a t3 cycle in october 2015, 1 month 20/40/40/60mcg.

    i checked my thyroid in :

    march 2016 tsh 2.48

    october 2016 tsh 4.19

    janaury 2017 tsh 1.89

    june 2017 tsh 3.12

    t4 and t3 always is the normal range.

    the only meds i used is finasteride and since april dutasteride, both for hair loss.

    i know the thyroid should be between 1 and 2.

    did i make a danger to my thyroid ?

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    no one can help me ?

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    1.8 to 3 for TSH is considered normal. TSH promotes the synthesis of T4 which in turn turns into T3. Using T3 doesn't have a huge affect on the HPT axis as far as I understand it. But it is also possible based on your TSH numbers and your statement of having normal T3 and T4 values that you have a sub-clinical (mild) case of hypothyroidism. But your numbers are all over the place as well as time goes by so hard to really say.

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