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Thread: First Cycle: Mid Cycle Blood Work

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    First Cycle: Mid Cycle Blood Work

    Hi guys, I'm currently doing my first cycle of testosterone enanthate at 400 mg/ml. Just got my first cycle blood work done. I'm about 9 weeks in right now, got 3 more to go. Could you guys please tell me if everything seems normal? I'm currently not taking an AI but I got one on hand. No estrogen symptoms have popped up still.

    Thanks guys!


    Age: 21
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 165 lbs
    Body Fat: 12%

    Been lifting for 4 years now. Amateur competitive bodybuilder in the NPC. I know some of you guys will shit on me because of my age, but I've already made the decision that this is what I want to do, so please don't give me that lecture. I always do extensive research before trying ANYTHING. I'm just asking you guys for some reassurance, as my estradiol levels are something that concerns me a little bit.
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    MCV / MCH probably just need a good B complex supplement
    EOS nothing to worry about.
    BUN & BUN-C probably fasted and dehydrated.
    AST elevated from muscular trauma. Normal response.
    FSH/LH bottom out when on cycle so again, normal.

    Your estrogen is twice the normal range. And it should be noted that what you tested is geared for women and can be very inaccurate in men. Meaning it could be even higher. Never run a cycle with an above average dose of test or any aromatizing steroid and not control your estrogen. The more damaging aspects of out of control estrogen are internal, not external. Never think that just because you don't have gyno or look bloated that all is well. Your research failed in this aspect. That said, it's always better to have slightly elevated E than E that's driven to low, but you need to add in an AI at this time. How much will be a guess but even .25 x 2 or 3 per week would be a big plus. Take it the day you inject or the day after.
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    Okay, thanks man! I really appreciate your help. I'll start taking my Aromasin today since I'll be injecting.

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