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    What's a rusty trombone?

    Stupid Karmic Retribution!!!

    A couple of weeks ago some of you may have heard that Sammy Sosa missed a couple of games due to a bad back. He let the public know that he threw it out when he sneezed and I mocked him endlessly.

    Well, last night I sneezed between sets of curls (don't worry, I breathed properly and my foot placement was impeccable) and something popped in my lower back. D*MN it hurts!!! I'm alternating heat and cold right now but something tells me this is going to be lingering for a while.
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    Thats funny. But at least you didnt cork your weights.

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    Yeah that sucks hahahaha, that will teach ya

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    I don't want to scare you, but Sosa's been out for more than a couple of games. He's been out of the lineup since May 16.
    Hopefully this won't have you out of commission like he's been.

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