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Thread: Madden 2005

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    Madden 2005

    Just got the new madden collectors edition. the game is awesome, way better than 04. has all kinds of features, you can play old versions back in the 90's, theres a trivia game and short movies on how they made the game. i play online all the time under sn "buc it son" anyone else online?

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    Madden has always been the ****, but ESPN has created quite the challenger in 2K5.

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    Espn's graphics are way better. After playing espn since its came out I have seen some very stupid things about the game. One is no goal line offense. Another is the 4th quarter surge. You might not realize it til you play more and more,but it gets to a point where its so predictable,that you know its coming and defenders will go the wrong way on purpose so the computer can score. I also hate the way the runner stops when you try to pivot or juke. As far as gameplay goes i'd go with madden. Graphics wise its a no brainer though. I also just have grown to love the game(espn). Cribs feature is pretty cool. Speed of the game is nice. Price is unbeatable.

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    ive got it so whenever you want an asswhoopin just hit me up.

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