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    Guys How Do You Keep Your 'pimp Hand Srong'

    hey bros just started seeing this girl and shes real cool.she could be (mrs phatt ass) one day....i definatly see this thing going somewhere..problem is this is the kind of girl i respect and dont wanna f-up!!!so i really havent been pushing the 'sex issue'. normally my pimp hand just goes for the lay on the 1st date.with a chick you really dont care about i believe most guys just go for it cause who cares if nothing the quest is #1:with a hot girl that you care about do you guys keep your 'pimp hand strong' and go for the putang right away???or#2 keep on respecting her cause you care about her and let things happen with time??btw i just finish a sust deca cycle so the little head most times is standing tall...(also this is not intended to disrespect any female member on this board)..

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    with a chick i dig, that i can't stop thinking about, i let things flow naturally. i don't press things too hard - if they happen, they happen. i don't try to go in for the kill the very first date if you're going to date her, you want the sex to be on a more emotional level, so let it chill for a while - earn her trust, stuff like that. remember - it's the little things that count (not talking about your pecker either).

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    yea i agree u have to take it slow and let things happen as she wants them to happen. if shes a good girl u have to think like a girl but if she already been around the block then lay it 2 her. i myself like to wait until they ask for it because if she wantn it more than likely she goin to let u no sup.

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