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    More Jokes...

    There was a Turk an American and a British dude. They were stranded on a deserted island. They went to ask for help and they came across a group of cannibals. The cannibals said that you will live only if you find 10 pieces of the same fruit. When you find it you then have to shove it up your ass. If you cry in the process then we will have to eat you. After 20 mins they all came back and the British found 10 oranges. He began to start shoving them up his but. He began to cry so the group of cannibals begin to eat him. The American found 10 berries. He started to shove it up his but. He got to nine and then he started to cry with laughter. So the cannibals ate him. The American went to heaven and was asked by the man at the gate “why did you cry you had one berry left." The American replied “ I saw the Turk and he had 10 pineapples”.

    One day a turk was going to kill himself in front of a train. As he stood there, he held a piece of bread in his hand. Someone walked by and said what are you doing? He goes i'm gonna kill myself. Then the guy also asks, "well what's with the piece of bread?" The turk replies "Well, if the train doesn't show up, YOU WANT ME TO STARVE TO DEATH???"

    Once there was a turk, working with something in his house,
    he calls his friend, and says " Hi, listen, I'm trying to fit a puzzle together, but I just cannot do it, it's impossible, can you help me?" The friend said, "Ok, What's it meant to be?" The turk said, "Well the picture at the front shows a tiger, it's really hard."
    The friend said, "Ok, I will come to your house and I will help you, ok?" So the friend arrived, and saw the puzzle on the table, and the turk showed the picture of the tiger, and the friend looked at the turk and said, "You stupid fool, put the Kellog's Cornflakes back in the box!!!"

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