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    that was in florida by the way..

    I would lie if it has been less than 5 years since use..


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    Not flaming here, but I do notice that alot of you either have police experience or want to be officers. How is it that you will uphold the law of the U.S when now you are dealing in illegal drugs. Some of you may even be actually dealing. I do not know this to be true, but out of the many that answered I would guess that at least one or two of you are providing for someone else. I Don't Get It!!! I went into this field and got my degree in criminal justice and then stopped before the academy because I don't think I could press someone for having weed or steroids ...or even getting in a fight at a young age. Most all of these things are harmless and I just couldn't see pressing them and letting myself walk around high and mighty about it. Sorry bout the long post in here. I am not trying to hi-jack any thread. I know that poly's can be beat or at least made inconclusive. If you are going for a local job, I would lie. If you are going for something bigger, feds with initials, I would tell the truth because they investigate much of what you say.

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    My friend is going to school right now to become a police officer. When I asked him why he wanted to be a cop, he didnt say to help the community or to be a role model....he said "To take peoples freedom away."...Priceless.

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