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    Yeah, always gotta put you're related to the president. lol

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    That is exactly why many employers ask for transcripts, it's not about grades it's about screening people who are attempting to fudge their qualifications.

    Quote Originally Posted by BigGreen
    Don't most jobs requiring a degree ask for transcripts as well? I remember during a foolish stint where I thought about working and actually went on interviews, they'd ask for that stuff to be forwarded to their office as soon as possible. I can't imagine you could put them off very long.

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    True and sometimes you need to tell the truth... 100% of it...

    Quote Originally Posted by gsxxr
    Some times you need to bend the truth.

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    BS just gets u the interview, as long as they like you and you know at least 85% of whats on ur resume, the person most likely will get a job....

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