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    Anyone own their own gym/franchise?

    I want to open a gym, maybe buy into a franchise like Powerhouse. Has anyone done this that can give any insight as to where to begin? I have no idea how to go about getting started and haven't even looked into locations or financing until I know what I need to Look for. Feel free to PM me. Thanks!

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    I own a gym, but I live in a small town. There is a HUGE difference in what happens in a small town and what happens in a REAL PLACE. I pay the rent with my taekwondo school. If the weight room and aerobics program had to pay the rent, I would have gone under as soon as I got started. My taekwondo school has been here for 15 years. I have a franchise, but it is a martial arts franchise. There is another gym in town, and he pays his rent with his gymnastics classes.
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