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    A few questions on hair lose

    I have been using nizoral the past week to try and slow down the hair lose and I also shaved my head so I wouldn't notice the hair falling out and become even more depressed. Noone wants to go bald, but at 18 it shouldn't happen.

    I never found the answer to this question in all the searching I did. Will the hair lose slow after you come off a cycle and the androgens clear the body or does it continue on as it has been?

    Since I was using parabolan in my last cycle and hair lose from it is not caused by DHT, will the hair lose from it stop when it clears my system? I was also using prop and eqi but it hope I have taken care of that by using nizoral. Just wondering about the para.

    What are the chances of the hair regrowing naturally? Since I am only 18 and my body is still growing, is there a chance that the hair will regenerate itself? I have altered my diet, never again will I eat fast food and I have also gone organic. It's not fun but I'm trying everything to get my hair back. I am also taking these supplements:
    Vitamin A
    Vitamin B1 and B6
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin B12

    I'm sorry for ranting on and asking so many questions, but this is really getting me down and I need help.

    If you have any suggestions on how to get it to regrow naturally please tell me them.


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    everyone is different, but yes I it is possible to slow your hairloss down. The most effective treatment will be the topical stuff you've been using in cinjunction with finasteride(@1mg) or dutasteride. Take them from now on though for best results.

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    i got that info here somewhere gimme a couple days and ill get it posted

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    The hairloss will slow down after the gear clears your system, but you should continue with the topicals and finasteride or dutasteride. I don't think you are going to regrow any hair you've lost now that the cycle is over. Gear speeds up male pattern baldness. Once the hair is gone, its gone. You will need transplants or something to replace it. 18 is a little young to juice. Gear has the potential to close the growth plates, so therefore you might not be growing anymore. You may want to seriously think about doing another cycle if your hair loss has been this bad and you're only 18.

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    didnt find that file i had neway congrats bout cuttin out the junk and goin organic itll prob help ur hair since lots of animal fat has been proven to increase dht
    heres a list of wut i think might help u
    1- minoxidil 5% dunno bout the 15% one if its ne better and u said u want to do this naturally so dont know if ur gonna use minioxidil
    2-nizoral 2% wont be seein results in the short run
    3-saw palmetto berry extract 320 mg (i think that its useful but it led to breast growth in individuals so id be careful since ur doin gear which i know almost nothin bout the gear that is which brings us to our next thing)
    4-that findaSTRENE or wutever has side effects in the men takin them sexual side effects as well as breast growth (also i think it might be more since its synthetic and also cuz ur doin gear)
    5-quit smokin cuz they constrict blood vessels(if u do)
    6-include fruits &vegetables in ur diet (they contain phyto stuff and r good for u )
    7-dont drink too much
    8-gel and that stuff wont make ur hair fall thats wut research says but if something like nizoral was not meant for hair loss worked on stoppin loss gel might do the opposite get my point?)
    9-umm try that no2 stuff l-arginine ask some guys bout it cuz i dont which works better the arginine or the no2 but the no is supposed to make ur hair thicker by improvin blood flow and widenin the vessels or thinin the blood smth like that)
    10-when u stay in the sun ur hair grows faster it wont cure baldness but i thot it might help
    11-this laser comb is supposed to be gr8 altho i never tried it nor do i know ne1 that did so research it 1st
    12-and hey if u do go bald look wut happened to vin diesel,bruce willis and all those guys it aint that bad but i know how smth like that can affect some1 so i hope everything turns out fine
    best of luck

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