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    Unhappy Diet, Training & Long trade Shows

    Hi all

    I am currently on this long trade Show in London, (6 days so far another 6 to the end).

    Its very hard to control one's diet and you always end up having a
    few pints of lager.And no time to hit the gym.

    Does any of you have been in this situation?
    And what do you do to control the damage.


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    I do trade shows all the time here in the states. I finally gave in and realized that there's no way I will ever not cheat as long as I'm going to resturants for every meal for days on end. My company works with me to find a hotel room with a kitchinette and so the first thing I do is go grocery shopping when I get where ever the show is.

    Most of the hotels here have "fitness centers" with cheap machines and maybe a set of dumbells, but usually there is a gym within a decent distance from the room. I've also thought about getting a set of Powerblocks to take with me to the shows within driving distance.

    The big problem I have is that I like to party, and most of the shows are located in partyresort towns (New Orleans, for instance) and it's hard to stay in my room and behave when I know theres a party out there somewhere. :spudnik6:

    BTW, I've never had to do a 12 day show. Most of mine are 4 days max.

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