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    howards sterns new contract!!!!!

    500 million over 5 years!does even oprah make that much!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by radar1234
    500 million over 5 years!does even oprah make that much!!

    this was over two months ago. I thought about it today randomly in my car for some reason. Yeah its insane but oprah makes more. This isnt as much as it sounds becuase he has to program 3 station and the 100 million a year is his operating budget which includes salaries, tapes he buys, sets, etc etc etc. So basically all the sets you see on his show on E!, paying guests, prizes, robin's salary, arties salary, fred's baba booeys etc etc comes out that 100 mil a year. His current salary is around 35 mil a year if i'm correct. So that leaves him with 65 mil to play with, anything he saves his his i'm guessing. Plus he probably gets stock options which I predict will make him a billionaire very soon.

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    oprah makes about 200 million a year


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