Post anything you want here, as long as it is to do with Media, so, pictures/photography editing and viewing/taking aswell as video editing/taking/encoding/decoding and lastly music editing/encoding/decoding. Pretty much anything that falls under the category of "Media"!

Im sure i dont need to go through any rules, but theres a few things you should know and/or do before posting!

  • Search for any specific questions before making a thread.
  • If you need hosting for an image or video, PM me and i will host it for you!
  • Absolutely no arguing/flaming will be tolerated here
  • Please do not double post, be patient, if you question doesnt get answered bump it.
  • Posts that don't contribute to a thread will be deleted.
  • Any questions/issues for/with Mods/Admins please take it to PM's.
  • Check the rules every now and then. If needed, new rules will be added or changed.

Its pretty obvious, please use common sense when posting, think before you post!

To be honest theres not alot more you should note, other than please follow the general forum usage guidelines when posting, these can be found here:

As i said arguing and flaiming will not be tolerated here, you have been warned!

I have found a few tutorial websites that should hopefully get you going! They have certainly helped me, you can learn alot from them! & are two major sites for tutorials, the first is just for photoshop, the second one covers most editing programs. If you know of any, PM me and i will update this post!

Thankyou and enjoy!