Hi all,
I need some help for a project assignment given to me. Any information provided would be appreciated. Will gladly add your names to the reference section of my report.

My project is about sales and the scenario is:
A California fitness centre sales person sets up a meeting with the general manager of a corporation and tries to sell the services of a mini gym in a corporation)

What I need to know is:

How much do you charge to set up a mini gym in an office?

Is there an monthly/annual fee which the company using the gym has to pay to the fitness provider? If so how much is it ?

If the company terminates the gym is the equipment theirs or do the fitness centre take it back?

Is there a personal trainer at the mini gym in the office?

What are the basic equipments provided in a normal office gym?

If you have any other info to give me please do.

Thank you all.