Just an update... I asked the board a while back if anyone had ever used Piracetam, or any other "Smart Drug", and seems no one had used it.
Anyway, I decided to go and order some (Piracetam) to see if it holds up to its reputation. 240 tabs of 800mg. Piracetam for $90 is the cheapest I found it. Nothing really noticable at 800mg, tried up to 4800mg in one day. It does have a mild stimulant effect, though not even as strong as caffeine. I can't really say if it "wakes your mind up" as others have said, but if you can find it for cheap I would suggest getting some, especially for those in college or HS and have some all-night cramming to do. Just thought I'd share my experience with it Anyone else who has used it, or any other nootropic please share your experience