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    Can you get serious with someone that doesn't workout?

    Maybe I'm just weird but I dont think I could get serious with a girl that doesn't work out, now not necessarily BB but at least goes to the gym.

    Now before everyone responds yes i could get serious with someone let me explain where i'm coming from.

    I'll use my friend as an example. My friends girlfriend is extremely attractive kinda looks like a smaller Shakira. Anyways she is one of the lucky girls that is just looks good. She does nothing but put on makeup, she doesn't diet, doesn't workout, nothing. Now he on the other hand busts his ass everyday to get his physic.

    Ok now if I were in my friends shoes I would date her but eventually it would bother me that she doesn't workout. Maybe it's jealousy but it would.

    Now like most people in here I have a great passion for BB and I just dont think I could get serious with someone that doens't share that passion at least a little bit.

    Am I completely crazy or does anybody agree with me?

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    I feel ya bro! I would date a girl who doesn't work out but i would MUCH RATHER date a girl who does work out because i can relate to her more. If the girl is hot, sweet, friendly and works out, shiet...i couldn't ask for more in a girl bro.

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    An athletic girl is a definite bonus. Although there are several things I look for first.......intelligence, good sense of humor, laid back persona, attractive, caring, and adventurous. I am attracted to girls who do workout a lot more but I'd rather find a girl who I really hit it off with than limit my options to just whats in the gym.

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    I too would take someone that doesn't workout, but I don't think I could have a long term relationship with someone who doesn't care about at least staying in shape/fit....

    Even if they are just athletic, and don't work out, that is fine, but if they watch TV all day and pig out on pizza every night, you can bet that later on down the road, she won't look so great.

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    I am right now and it's starting to get heated mainly because she's pissed at all the time i spend working out, being carefull about what and where we eat AND the fact that alot of people (and unfortunately for her that includes women) take long looks at US when we're out places.

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    Its a definate plus to say the least. If I dated a woman that ate horribly and did'nt take care of her self than I would'nt think we could relate. It's practically two different personalities. Some say opposites attract but we're talking about a attitude and respect for yourself that should'nt be overlooked!

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    I dunno. My ex was jus the typical girl when I met her, well athletically anyway. She saw how much I enjoyed the gym, and getting big, and for MY birthday, she got herself a gym membership, workout clothes, and promised that she'd give it a try for 6 months. Needless to say she's in great shape now, and a gym regular...

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