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    What should I look for when buying a suit?

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    Hugo Boss makes a nice suit and the sizes go as high as 54. Most of the better suit brands stop at 48(Armani etc)

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    Your first suit should always be a classic. A nice black suit will go very far and you can mix it up with different colour shirt and ties.

    If you're a tall man I like a 3 button jacket, flat front pants....NO PLEATS, they are so ugly. Dont get a leg that is too tapered iether.

    Hugo Boss does make very nice suits, and a good fit for broader men. Personally, the Italian designers are my favorite but I think their suits are better for smaller men, except Armani, those are a good fit for larger guys too.

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    I get all my stuff custom made, if you have the means I highly suggest it.

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    check in what material they are made from.

    try to have Super 220 merino wool

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    Quote Originally Posted by C130nav
    So I have to by my first suit tommorrow, anybody have some tips? Is there any type of material I should look for? Any color/stlyes that I should avoid? Any brand names that stand out?
    I would also try to find a more athletic fitting suit. I know there are a few manufacturers that make them. If you're posting here you probably have a need for a suit with a larger chest and smaller waist. Trying to make a conventional suit look good for an athletic guy often comes out looking poorly. I agree with kitty that pleats look bad, but if you have huge legs I wouldn't worry too much. Better to have pleats that fit than flat-fronted spandex. Mark

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