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    Betelnut/lime (Pan Parag Pan Masala )

    I should have posted this in the sup forum but it get so little traffic so I post it here.

    Is Pan parag(betelnut with lime) a safe and good energiser or does it have alot of unwanted sideffects(worse or less then ephedra)?? It tastes like shit thats all I know but I could handle it if it gets me through lectures and doesnt **** with the heart like ephedra.

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    I tried betelnut once (ca. 2g) and it made me feel uncomfortable and dizzied.
    I would prefer ephedra.
    Betelnuts are toxic. Overdosing can cause diarrhea, bad headache, impaired vision and cramps. 8 to 10 gram betenut powder can kill you.

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