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    any legitimacy to this shyt?

    so, i guess if i sign up for this program, i will look like the guy in the front page?

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    What you'll get in The Max-OT Training Course:

    * Training for results
    * Max-OT Basics
    * Maximize Recuperation
    * Optimum Reps for Muscle Growth
    * Optimum Workout Duration
    * Training to Positive Failure
    * Maximizing Intensity
    * Forcing Muscle Growth
    * Max-OT Synergy
    * Overload Verses Fatigue
    * Weight Acclimation Sets
    * Muscle Memory
    * The 6 Month Max-OT Plan of Attack

    . . . and much more!

    Uhhh, do the words "reinvent the wheel" mean anything to you?

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