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    Anyone tried Redline?

    The fat burning energy drink. I am always tired after a long day of work so I drink one before the gym. It gives me a little energy but its nothing great. Ive heard tons of stories about people getting all amped up and crazy on it though. My friend said he had to stop working out because he got such a mad head rush. I wish I got that........but I guess Im immune to the shit or something.

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    as for my self, i never used those kind of drinks. i go straight with 2 cups of coffe before work-outs............good luck

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    I used red-line a couple of time didn't like it. I didn't see any energy boost like they are hyped to be. go with coffee if you want. i go all natural, believe it or not NO-XPLODE gives me a little energy. Good Luck

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    Same here!! didn't get shit out of it. craps expensive too! if it wasn't so high I'd try two of em.

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    I have tried many of these energy drinks...none give the boost they advertise or others claim. May be I am immune- or just have worn out CNS from the years of Clen and ECA!

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