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    Corporate World

    I hate it anymore. The job I have started out as a hobby for me just messing around with computers. Through my career I have ended up working for one of the biggest computer companies in the world as a systems engineer. So I make a great living plus at one time this was fun work for me.

    Now with most companies off shoring work to India to save money my job has become more of a commodity and is easily off shored to less experienced workers for less money. To the company this doesn't matter as much as the bottom line........$$$$$$$$$

    So I have been looking into other ideas and really like the idea of becoming my own boss. I have money saved so I was thinking of buying a established business like a beauty salon, tanning salon, cafe, or a pizza shop.

    Has anyone done this? How did it go? Any other ideas? I'm willing to make less money to be happier and have my future in my own hands.

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    Surprisingly.....i've been a co-owner of a vitamin business but only for a short time (schools more important to me) the company is doing VERY well now...Funds are the one big thing, and if you decide to have a partner make sure its someone that is COMPLETELY trustworthy and that you know for a fact wont become greedy or bad things can happen...

    The businesses youve suggested all sound like good ideas...ever considered starting your own supplement company? I'd help you with the markettnig/design of the product labels etc for free.

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