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    I have added passion to my quote.

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    Mike Guest
    there ya go brother - you have just discovered what I believe to be THE most important part of bodybuilding - doing anything without passion is futile - the rule applies for ALL aspects of life.

    Good sig.

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    Mike if you liked that one, go check out my sayin about passion on the forums "Motivational sayings" woohoooo.. I am all for Passion.. Lot's of folks don't have a clue what the word really means.. I will spare ya the details and just bring it over here..

    "REAL Passion is not just being sexual, it is loving hard, hating hard and above all, the overwhelming feeling that is drives you to do things that you never thought you would." ---Sicilian 30

    Now can I get a fancy smancy title like Tobey has? something like "Crazy dude" or "wanna be a philospher like Billy" or something??? just kiddin guys.. hope you enjoy.
    Good move Traps.. I totally agree man.. By the way!

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