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    Question Question for all the guests.

    There are always so many guests on this board. I know you have to join to reply to this, but tell me what you are doing. Do you just come to the board and look around? When you are looking on the board before you register do you just read the articles? Maybe some of you could join and tell me what you did as a guest and how long you waited to sign up. Come join our disfunctional family. We welcome everyone.

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    yeah guys

    PTBYJ and the guys welcomed me!!i mean now they regret it, but hey i'm kinda like fungus, i grow on you.

    but to answer you question J, i looked around for about a week to see what the attitude of the board was.i wasn't looking for a board w/ wannabe meatheads talking shit and no was cool to see that people asked for help and were willing to listen, so that made me want to share what i could.all in all i think it's getting better and better.the forums have become more diverse in their's good to have the girls around too.i like it because now, more so than when i first joined, you are starting to see more personality in the members and MODS.people seem to be joking more and gettign to knwo each other.i think anytime you can bring people together of all ethnicities, geographic areas, and experience levels it's a good thing.and sarcasm is always the word of the day and i like that.

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    Re: yeah guys

    Originally posted by partyboynyc
    PTBYJ .and sarcasm is always the word of the day and i like that.
    Oh SARCASM has it's place on a message board.


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    i would look for pics of MIKE!..........j/k

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