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    News, Update, and Thanks from NightOp

    Hey everyone, I'm back. I haven't been on in a long while (coming up on two months almost). I see that the board is growing and I just wanted to say hey to everyone and hope all is going good.

    I'm home for the summer and have been training hard at a local gym but still need a good w/o partner that is on the same "channel" with me so to speak.

    I have learned a great deal from this board and have enjoyed meeting all of the great ppl here, thanks everyone. I have lost alot of my addiction to the board from being offline for so long, so now I will only rarely check out the General Forum and Fitness Forums (im all natural and don't really post in the anabolic board anymore). I think this break was good for me...

    Anyways, everyone take care.. And btw- TNT and everyone who I've been talkin to via PM, thanks for the help and sorry for the lack of reply.. like I said I have been offline for a while.

    To all the new members> take what you read with grain of salt.. there is a ton of very good/nice/knowledgeable ppl here, but just be careful, there is more to life than how you look, and that is a hard lesson to learn sometimes (i need to heed my own advice often).

    Later all,


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    Hey NightOp, long time. Glad to see your doing well and hope to catch ya around more often.

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    Good to see you again bro

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    NightOp! Welcome back, bro! The halls of AR haven't been the same without you!

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