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    How to stop some hotmail spam

    To fellow Hotmail users.... please take note!! This IS true, as I
    checked and had to make the changes myself.
    In today's world we never know who has access to what information
    and we seem to have no control over it. Companies such as MSN have
    done underhanded things.

    Did you know that about 2 months ago MSN added 2 little boxes in all
    the profiles? These boxes if marked share your email with other
    One box, if ticked, gives other people the right to see your
    information including your address.

    Now MSN has taken all the passports that were created before they
    added this and marked YES SHARE MY INFORMATION and did not tell
    anyone. (!!!!)

    HOW to remove your name: sign into your email account (for those
    with more then 1 you have to do it for all of them), click on
    OPTIONS then PERSONAL PROFILE and scroll to the bottem ... u will
    see the TWO added boxes - remove the check marks and finish up. PLZ
    FWD this to everyone who has hotmail - lets not wait until it is too
    late (this may decrease all that junk mail that seems to have
    doubled lately). CHECK it out. It's true

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    thank you brother man. I'd said it befor and i'll say it again. AR is soo much more then just a wieght lifting board. Its a board about life. lollololol

    How dumb did htat soubnd

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    Thanks, I hate those fuckers over at msn.

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