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    (ECA by Nutrasport vs. Stacker 3)

    Hello Everyone!!
    New to the board so I do apologize if this thread does not post properly..
    Just wanted to hear different opinions of preference:

    "ECA by Nutrasport" vs. "Stacker 1,2,3 etc.."

    I am going to Miami next weekend and wanted to take one of the 2 for the next week.. (I do cardio 3-4x's/wk)(30-45 min)
    I have also heard that you shouldnt do too much cardio when on these supplements, but I have taken Hydroxicuts in the past and was fine by doing cardio w/them..

    I look forward to learning alot from everyone here, you guy's/girl's really seem to know you stuff!!!

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    Stick with Stacker 2. I think it is the best ECA out there.

    Can't do cardio???? Doing cardio is fine,just make sure that you stay hydrated.

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