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    Why Did My Thread Close Down?

    I Didnt Do Anything To Break The Rules And I Tried Very Hard To Get My Point Across With The Pics Which Took Awhile To Search For. This Isnt Right!

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    seemed like a flame thread. and the US and Canada dont use Benz's for various reasons, here are 2.
    1) because mercedes has lower quality then GM and Ford..... thats pretty bad. perception vs reality my friend. the pecking order of vehicles is JAP>AMERICAN>GERMAN. These reports came from various independent organizations, German quality control has gone down the tubes and the others have caught up and surpassed them.

    2) although both countries p*ss away money like crazy neither are dumb enough to over pay for vehicles for public servents lol. there is a reason the GNP of the US and Canada is what it is, even with Iran so rich in natural resources.

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    ll you had todo was look in the thread and read why i closed it...also you know better than to start another thread complaining about it, just PM me and i would find out and get right back to ya...and yeah you did break the rules, and so did that other guy, but i deleted your threaed and cleaned it up for ya, and i left all the good pics up...

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