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    Maybe me = vacation? or banned?

    just wantd to say goodbye to my bros if get banned or suspended. ill miss u true boys and gals

    dont listen to what tren says the story hes feeding u guys bs. look in to whore thread and read the whole thing u will see im not what he says. hes a immature kid whom is very uneducated.

    anyway if i go get banned bye guys ill miss u all hit me on msn

    p.s tren should go down with me cuz he broke the rules too....(dirty piece of ............)

    all middle easterns get banned for nothing. i state my case, provide the evidence but get a lil out of hand cuz he started it then i get to go? no freedom of speech here at all....w.e guys wish u the best
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    i aint sayin sh_t

    heres the link to the covo that led to all of this

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