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    I'm a victim of the Federalies...

    I went to check my bank account balance this morning and BAMMMM, the shit was way off. It seems that last Thur. somebody had bought $767 worth of furniture on my credit card in Yucatan, Mexico.

    Obviously it wasn't me so I had to talk to the bank and get all this shit straightened out. None the less, it turns out that somebody made a fake card (cuz it was present at the time of purchase) and was buying shit with it.

    I was in Mexico a couple of months ago and used it once so I guess that's where they got it from.

    To make the long story short... learn from my mistakes and be very careful about using your credit card overseas. Mexico is not the safest place in the world.

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    My Dad's friend had the same shit happened. Who ever charged shit had a duplicate card made off of his.
    He got it straight but no one ever found the culprit.

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