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    Reasons for stopping me from taking gear

    Hey guys

    While this is an anabolic website, lets discuss about things you hate when you took gear(all types)...

    (i) I hate taking gear because I hate needles!!
    (ii) I do not like to take tablets because I would forget to take them and it would be very harmful to the body.
    (iii) Honestly, my strength boomed but I felt incomplete as if I am not using my body to exercise. Maybe I am not used to the sudden increase in strength.
    (iv) It gets really bothering to keep hiding my stuff when my mom or pop is around.


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    my main reason is just getting it, i plan on doing a fina cycle as soon as i can get clomid and maybe something to stack with it, or doing a clen cycle , prefer to bulk first but not going to do fina untill i have the clomid in my hands

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