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    Any bro's from Northern CA. in here??

    Hey bro's I just wanted to know what I could expect of Northern California. I'm being relocated there from my job. I got a place in Suisun, and I'll be working in Sacramento. If anyone know's anything at all about these places, and could give me some insight on them it will be greatly appreciated guys. Also I have the option of relocation to Vallejo, Walnut Creek, or Lodi. I don't know anything at all about CA.
    need some help like cool places to go, better cities to live in. where's the best action in Northern CA.?? what these cities are like, the people, jobs ect.
    thanks in advance!!

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    Live in Sacto! Love it here. I also moved from back east. If your working in Sacto. live in Sacto. No need to commute!

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    i live in fairfield. Like 2 minutes from suisun. There isn't much here....only sacramento and san fransisco, both about 40 minutes away both directions.

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    My Mom is in Placerville (bout 30 miles north of Sac). I lived there for a couple years when I was around 12, till we moved back to the real state (So. Cal).

    Of all the places mentioned Sac if by far the best. They just need to get rid of those damn cow bells in Arco Arena.

    I'm just playing. I got love for all my No Cal bro's but if you get a chance com visit LA, SD, or OC

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