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    Geek to Chic WWE style

    Look at some of these geek to chic transformation of some WWE Superstars

    Brock Lesnar before

    Brock Lesnar after

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    He looks the same except for the fact that he took off his glasses.

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    Triple H Geek to Chic

    Triple H before

    Triple H after

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    You can tell HHH got on some heavy gear the way he developed. He's even admitted to it, he said" If it helps, why not take it?"

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    Originally posted by titanstigers333
    He's even admitted to it, he said" If it helps, why not take it?"
    Are you serious!!! He actually said that and admitted to using AAS.
    That surprises me in a pleasant way.Do you have a link to where you read this

    Anyway since he suffered that quad tear it's obvious that the AAS was instrumental in his comeback.If it wasn't for AAS he probably wouldn't be back in action today.

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    HHH should change his name to HGH. I hear he uses so much, Serono sends him Serostim in a 5 gallon bucket!
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