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    Snap Fitness

    Has a
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    they are building one near me and it looks small. When they open I was going to go and get my free week. I'll let you know

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venomous Nemisis View Post
    Has any1 heard of this new franchise, they advertise 24 7 access to the gym via giving members to the facilities? Any feedback is appreciated.
    Great concept but yes they are small for the most part. More geared toward personal training and nutrition advise and I believe most are staffed with wither nutritionists or RD's. They are a huge threat to the self employed personal trainers out there that arent keeping on top of their game. I really like the concept but from what I know it was sort of thrown together too quickly as a franchise, they will expirience some growing pains in the begining but if they can stick it out, I believe they will work in most demographics. I wont go to one though lol

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