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    Cheech & Chong Documentary (alarming!)

    Has anyone on here seen the Cheech & Chong Documentary on Showtime? The reasons I am asking is because, one, it was a very interesting show about two of the America's funniest stoners and two, the feds busted Tommy Chong for selling paraphernalia. His company made custom bongs and the feds tricked him in to sending an order of them to Pennsylvania where it is illegal to buy/sell bongs, even if it is for tobacco use.

    Here is my concern, Tommy Chong had to serve 9 months in a federal prison (minimum security) for distributing bongs. Does that mean if I order some DBol and Test from Florida and the source gets busted, since I am sure they have my email address would I be looking at a federal crime???

    This kind of has me spooked, not because I have anything at the moment but I plan on doing something around spring of next year.

    What do you guys think?

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    As long as your not selling.And your not ordering a shit load.Buy hey anything can happen.

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    his problem was not just that. He sold a product that was called "bong" which is illegal in most states... water pipes however are not illegal. Wording is everything.

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    I think you will be safe provided you do not attempt to smoke your dbol in a decked out triple chamber party bong.

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