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    bodybuilding vs Powerlifting/strongman in stieroid intake

    this has bin a big debate about which sport uses more sport inhanceing drugs bb or powerlifting/strongman most of the guys i talk to say bbuilders use way over the ratio of avrage dosage and that there insulin bombs from hell and in the danger zone of usage and way more bb die then powerlifters/strongman ,:,what are your guys upionions on this subject?

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    Personally, I don't care who uses what. Both powerlifters and bodybuilders use performance enhancing drugs, and the issue of "who uses more" can be concluded by surveying the athletes themselves

    Anything other than that is mere speculation

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    d-bol and milk man... d-bol and milk.

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    Its all relative to the can say unless they polled bb'ers and powerlifters..but then again they may jusy say they don't use gear. Fukkin lying bunch we are! lol

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    A buddy of mine owned/managed a Powerhouse a few years back. He had quite a few seroius powerlifters at his gym. The stories he told me would lead you to believe powerlifters use some insane amounts of AAS. One of them said to determine the doseage of anadrol , keep increasing the dose until you start to pee blood. Then back off just until you stop seeing the blood.

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    it's not only the amount of AAs that is the difference between BB and PL it's also what different kinds of AAs there using that seperates them...

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