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    newbie vs average vs genetic max

    Was chatting with my mate who is at his genetic max and beefs up when he is on and loses a fair bit when he is off and he says it's just because his body can't keep it above his genetic max without the gear and it made me think about the following situation

    Now obviously this is just hypothetical as a newbie won't have the same nutrition and training knowledge as a veteran but go with me!

    if you had 3 people same weight, same genetics etc.. and all 3's diet were on point, training balls to the wall etc... same cycle, same pct and a good training regime after cycle and pct who would get the most and keep the most gains?

    Newbie? as he is still going to be well within his genetic max so he has just raced upto a good weight so his body will be able to maintain or will the rapid increase still be hard to maintain as his body is not used to putting on and keeping muscle?

    Average guy? cos he has some training exp.. and his body is used to putting and keeping muscle a bit so it isn't a shock and he would just be at his genetic max when he came off?

    Veteran? cos his body is used to 7 - 8 years of hard training and putting weight on and keeping it or because he goes above his genetic max he will in fact keep the least?

    just something i was pondering on the train home from the gym

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    Don't know if this is the right forum.

    The Newb would gain the most. The longer you've been lifting (properly) the harder it is to make gains past your genetic potential.

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    Everyones genetics are different. If a nebw and avg guy and vet weigh the same then the avg guy and vet dont know how to train. but a newbe would always gain more.

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    This is a daft question and ive got to ask why do you want to know!!
    *Anyone wanting a source check from a willing vet/mod must first acquire 100 posts and 45 days of activity*

    “Carrying a set to a point where you are forced to utilize 100 percent of your momentary ability is the single most important factor in increasing size and strength"--- Mike Mentzer

    “one set to failure is all that is required to stimulate an increase in strength and size – with no number of lesser sets having the same effect” – Mike Mentzer

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    ^^ extremely daft.

    you said all the same genetics so that means the same genetic max. so all this newbie nonsense means nothing.

    i can't even conceive a purpose for this question

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    im source cheks
    definately the newbie. absolutely no question. the first year i worked out i put on like 70 0r 80 lbs. if i gained that much every year ide be eating grass in a pen right now.

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    not a daft question as it's not actually an "answer my question" post - it was an "we were talking and got into a discussion about the this and i just wondered what more knowledgable people thought!

    obviously if it was a hypothetical question the answer would be the newb would gain the most and then lose the most due to lack of nutrition and training knowledge!!!

    my main point on the discussion with my mate was whether or not peoples bodies adapted to putting on muscle, keeping muscle etc... if they are used to being subjected to training??? e.g. can you teach your body to be in a more anabolic state to the usual joe average?

    i.e. the newb would gain lots but would it be a shock the the system to go from nothing to stacked??? and would the body then reject it without the gear?

    it is basically more of a biology question about does your body learn to put muscle and keep muscle from years of building up or is it naturally ready to receive a rapid increase in mucsle growth!

    Marcus - I can see where you're question is leading and no i am not a newbie that has decided to hit the gear straight away - there is a post about my first cycle that i am doing mid Jan after i have cut to less than 15% BF along with which i will post a blog with before pics and end pics whoch you can track if you so wish

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