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    Chevy Problem Need Help!

    i got an 03 chevy z71 lifted 4-6 inches unsure runnin 35in on 20s. when i got this beast they didnt mention the tranny was ****ed. so i hit up my uncle hes a mechanic n he figured it was the transfer case. took it out, there didnt seem that anything was wrong but the gears poped out of place but didnt mess up the chain. so he took the tranny out. n it was fubard! so he fixed it n rebuit it 4 me for $500 which was a deal compared to the $2500 The transmission shop wanted 2 charge. installed it. n now everytime i start it, it wil say im in 4-low, n sumtimes its n 2wheel wur it should b. but wont engage n 4-high or 4-low when i push it. then the dash says service 4wd. sum say the censors that plug n the tranny mite b wrong or i need a new actuator. what do ya think

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    buy a ford. problem solved. no really i would guess it would involve sensor(s) and you're lucky to have an uncle that's good with trannys. what does he think it is?

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    Hear is my advice that a lot of people do not know but will save you a major headache and major cash.

    Call your local state prison if you have one. Ask them if they have a vo tech auto program. (They almost always do.)

    You will arrange with the instructor of the program to drop it off early in the morning. Have everything out of the vehicle except your registration which the CO will keep.

    They will take your vehicle behind the walls and you will only have to pay for parts and not labor. Since it is a teaching program they can not charge you for labor.

    The same day or the next day you will get your car back and you drop the check off at the main office which is almost always in the visiting room.

    I have all of auto work done this way and it has saved me a ton of time. And the inmates are closely monitored on thier work so it is done right. After all this goes into thier parole packet and they get a certificate to become a mechanic.

    I had my Saturn get an oil change, new brake pads, new break drums on the front tires, and a tune up. I paid $135 for all this work. They also will do riding lawn mowers and motorcycles, and the work is top notch too.

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    When you buy bigger rims and tires than originally came with the vehicle it can mess up the gearing involved with the rear end and transmission. I would say you need to change rear end gears to something that matches with your tires/rims. Since bigger tires take longer to make a revolution than smaller ones they need a comparable rear end gear ratio.

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