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    New 'fire-safe' cigarettes will put themselves out

    Cigarettes that stop burning within two minutes of being put down are to replace conventional brands in an attempt to reduce the number of casualties from fires started by smouldering butts.

    The European Commission is to ban traditional cigarettes by 2009-10, forcing smokers to buy 'fire-safe' cigarettes that need constant drags to keep them alight.

    Arlene McCarthy, a British Labour member of the European Parliament and chair of its consumer protection committee, said: 'It's very good news. It will save lives. At the moment some people come home, have had a few drinks, fall asleep on the sofa with a cigarette in their hand, it falls on to flammable material and the next thing you know you've got a fire. Fire-safe cigarettes greatly reduce the risk of that happening.'

    McCarthy admitted it may prove unpopular among Britain's 10 million smokers. 'Some smokers have said that they felt it would interfere with their smoking experience, but as long as you are smoking the cigarette and drawing on it, it will stay lit. The sensation for the smoker will be no different. But the safety effect will be massive.'

    The commission's general product safety committee will next month discuss evidence submitted by 17 of the 27 member states showing that about 2,000 people across Europe are killed every year in house fires caused by cigarettes and a further 7,500 injured. The committee is expected to then vote at its next meeting, in November, to ask CEN, the body which regulates the quality of all consumer products sold in Europe, to devise an EU-wide standard for 'fire-safer' cigarettes. Setting a safety standard for any product usually takes two to three years, but the commission hopes to introduce fire-safe cigarettes sooner, by adopting the same standard that applies in New York State, the first place to legislate on fire-safe cigarettes. Canada and eight other American states have followed suit, and Australia is considering passing a similar law.

    The commission has rejected claims from the tobacco industry that the new cigarettes will have little impact on fire-related deaths and injuries and that they will prove more toxic to smokers. Evidence from North America suggests that changing the composition of cigarettes will add half of 1 per cent to their cost - 2p or 3p on a packet of 20.

    Once the new rules come in, cigarettes imported into the EU will also have to have several concentric bands, or 'speed bumps', in the tobacco paper to restrict oxygen access to the cigarette's burning end. But there is concern that Britain's high level of tobacco smuggling - up to 13bn of the estimated 70bn cigarettes sold come from that route - may rise further as some smokers fight to continue enjoying conventional cigarettes.

    Angela Smith, the Fire Minister at the Department of Communities and Local Government, has lobbied the commission on the UK's behalf to make the change. Commission officials have paid particular attention to evidence from doctors specialising in treating burns victims about the often horrifying injuries suffered by people caught in fires.

    I saw these over the holidays and thought they were pretty interesting. In the US you will see a FSC printed on the box for fire safety code if you have this new type of cig.
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    Brilliant! Now all they need is a big mac that will kick start the heart after cardiac arrest.

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    As if this method of putting out smokes was really difficult...

    how often do cigarettes lead to fires anyway? last time i went camping i had lighter fluid and getting a fire going was still a bitch to do.

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    These cigarettes have been around for over 20 years, the tobacco companies have been lobbying for over 2 decades to keep them off the shelf. Long story but as usual big money has got their way. Yes, it is a lot tougher to start a fire with a cigarette than most people think. Candles on the other hand.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by DNoMac View Post
    Brilliant! Now all they need is a big mac that will kick start the heart after cardiac arrest.
    Perfect way to put it.

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    I don't smoke, not regularly at least, so this has no effect on me in any way. Friends of mine that do, complain that the FSC have a much different flavor then the regular cigs.

    Something that burns can't necessarily be fire-safe. This comes from the same brand of ignorace and stupidity that "Caution - Hot Coffee" on McDonalds Coffee lids came from. No shit, it's on fire

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