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    large sterile plastic bottles

    does any one know where i can get large 100% sterile 100%plastic bottles,

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    what kind of plastic?
    Different types are good with different types of materials.
    And some types of plastic leach stuff into products, like bisphenol and pthlates. Nasty stuff, you don't want to screw with that crud . . .

    And some product needs to be packaged in UV protective bottles, which means you need either blue or brown bottles. Some plastics resist some alcohols but not others. Some plastics let too much air through, and can't be used for stuff that needs to be sealed air-tight.

    Regardless, chances of finding any plastic bottles that are sterile in any quantity, are slim.
    After you figure out what type of plastic material you bottle needs to be made of, then you could find a way to seal them, and then sterilize them.
    Heat from an autoclave would likely deform most plastic.
    Check this preliminary bit of info on sterilization:

    But . . . if all you need is a container that's just very very clean; just clean enough to pack and sell drinking water out of, well, that's another search entirely, but it still begins with the questions, 'What size, What color, What material?"

    Just a thought, but it's easier to sterilize glass than it is plastic, so you might consider using large glass bottles (gallon jugs, perhaps) instead. And not only can you get glass jugs in various gallon denominations, but they should be available as close as your supermarket.

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    What Tock said. If it's for an orally ingested product vs. an injected product, sterility won't be as quite a critical factor. Clean...absolutely. Sterility..depends on what you're putting in it and what is it's intended purpose .

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