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    What does it mean? Specifically what in our sport?
    Its so easy to see an abundance of it in other sports. In Baseball theres ruth ,mantle , mays, aaron,rose, williams dimaggio,yastremski i could go on forever. In football marino ,montana, elway, rice,swan ,stallworth ,saunders ,payton ...again go on forever.
    Basketball chamberlin , russel, erving, byrd , jabbar, johnson ,,,again go on forever.
    Soccer ronaldihno , ronaldo , henri , beckham ...again could go on and on forever.
    Even more obscure sports...track and field ..orter, lewis, bolt ,joyner kersey,jenner , stones, johnson , prefontaine , shorter,again on and on.

    How about bodybuilding?? Arnold....Franco ....dorian.....haney....ronnie and mmmmm
    So i put this out there our sport....which requires so much discipline...eating not what u want ...when u want...eating what u need when u need it. Desire...going to the gym whenever you have too ...not when you want too.... day or night sick or well ...tired or not ..just doing it. The drive to do this over and over. These things at a level that 99.9% of all people will never do them in any area of there lives. Taking a predetermined genetic model and ...i wont accept it ...and working to make our bodies how we want them. A pursuit that never ends....a goal never ultimately reached....but all the while maintaining the discipline,desire and drive. Then the benfits again things 99% of all people never achieve due to the lack of discipline desire and drive...allowing those results to go to the better part of us...not our ego but a truly rewarding place of pride. To me...the greatness here is in the journey for in our sport the destination always changes. This sport abounds with greatness...even though for the most part we cannot put a name to the great participants. I say relish in the greatness...the journey ...and the sport. In this sport we all get to play a part in the greatness.

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    Good Lord, that filled me with pride just reading it...

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    Greatness would be longevity and ability to over come like when levrone i think it was overcame his torn pec. also i think Wheeler is a great most aesthetic body IMO, Arnold over came his calves and WON Olympia time and time again, i dunno know thats a raelly good question


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