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    Question for the Bros with AAA

    So I am a triple A premium member or whatever the hell it is. Top notch. Get towed anywhere within 150 miles for FREE. Anything after that I pay for.

    Couple months ago a shop ****ed my car up. The shop is in Houston I am in college station, 70 some miles from the shop. thinkin about just havin triple A tow the car up here. I know it is for "emergency automobile services."

    Anyone think this would or would not work? JW I would try it right now except it is 130 in the AM!

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    i've done it

    when they ask whats wrong say "it wont shift into second properly"

    CAA (canadian equiv) is 4 tows for 150km. i abuse mine all the time.

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    yeah they do it for you. otherwise just say you don't want to damage it further, or its not safe to drive, they really don't care. the people doing the work get paid either way and driving and towing doesn't cost them anything extra

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    between the flaps
    from the title, i was wondering whether it referred to abdominal aortic aneurysm LOL

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    So get it fixed in houston. What kind of a car is it. If its a BMW, benz or anything that is expensive to fix, the shop i take my bmw or infiniti is pretty good and not expensive. The guys came from bmw dealerships.
    IN anycase AAA will tow it, just call them and say you dont feel safe driving it back home.

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