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    Violent meteor storm heads for Earth

    Source: Ananova

    A violent meteor storm is edging closer to Earth.

    Space Shuttle flights are being cancelled and astronauts in the International Space Station are bracing themselves.

    It's set to be the most powerful meteor storm to hit in decades.

    Some of the 600 communications satellites orbiting Earth are also at risk.

    The meteor is travelling at 160,000mph and will pass close to Earth later this week.

    Nasa has already taken steps to protect the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope.

    And the three astronauts in the space station are set to make their final space walk until the storm has passed.

    The cosmic fireworks will begin as the Earth begins to cut across the orbit of Comet Temple-Tuttle, and into the blizzard of meteors.

    The shower known as the Leonids, is an annual event but this year Earth will cut across an especially dense part of it.

    Some parts of the world will be able to see the spectacular light show in the sky.

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    might as well send the meteors straight to brooklyn, staten island, or long island.we have falling from the sky in manhattan and queens why not makie it an even 5 for 5 and wide out the whole god damn area of NYC!!

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