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    Talking Fantasy Stack?????

    Okay Guys im trying to get more involved in the action and want to become a regular so im been trying to think of a post that might get some replys .. i know this one is a little ordinary but what would you fantasy stack be ..... if you could use .. only 5 DRUGS .. inc.clomid HCG t3 clen all that is included in your 5 drugs

    lets see what you come up with? ill think mine over and let you know too

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    Canada Eh!
    i'd like to stack myself between britney spears and jessica alba.

    that would be my fantasy stack!

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    Fantasy stack:
    Growth hormone , insulin , test, anadrol no need for clomid because I would never come off you did say this was fantasy right?

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    pureanger he said five, you left out an AS???? I would go w/ gh,insulin ,test,fina and maybe eq or dbol
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