I had my worst road test experience ever,my tester was a total butt hole.

He totally projected the impression he wasn't comfortable with me.And I was nervous to begin with and his attitude made it even worse.

1)He talked down to me and raised his voice at me like I'm a little kid.

2)He jumped the gun and made the assumption I was going to make a mistake before I made it.

3)Looked at me like I didn't know what I was doing.He pretty much asked me "You do know what you're doing right?"

4)Had the nerve to assume that I can't drive because I'm blind in 1 eye.

5)He unnecessarily put his hands on the wheel,assuming I made a error before I even had a chance to react.

*All these things combined were my downfall*

And I'm a good driver,I worked hard to improve my skills despite my 50% visual impairement.There was one mistake I made that was totally uncharacteristic,paraell parking was one of my strong suits and I screwed that up.

The good thing my score improved a lot and the mistakes I made last time I didn't this time,which is a plus.If my tester didn't make me so god damn nervous I wouldn't have made the mistakes I did.

I don't know about the rest of you but for some reason stress, pressure & nervousness sometimes cause my mind body connection to slightly disconnect.And I end up making mistakes or forgetting things I normally wouldn't.In fact since I've been practicing my driving(August-late October mid December)I've been told that my skills have improved greatly.

I won't let 1 bad road tester deter me though,I'll practice some more over the holidays and take the test again at the end of January 2003