I prefer not to do my injections myself so a buddy from the gym does it for me. Yesterday we were gonna inject into the delts. So I prepared the syringe with sust/deca and attatched the needle to the syringe. Cleaned the delt with an alcohol swab and I ready for action.

I always teel him to tell me what he's doing. So he goes "OK now I'm pushing in the needle" then I say "remeber to aspirate dr. loco!!" and he goes "I'm doing that, I'm doing that...... OK no blood, so I'll inject now......damn it's hard it just won't go in!!?...what the...." then I told him to just push harder and then suddenly you hear a squirting sound, so I turned around and he was standing there with sust/deca on the floor and on his clothes and laughing his as off. So I began to laugh too and the we noticed that the needle was still in the delt. So we took it out and laughed a little bit more before preparing the next syringe.

It turnes out that I forgot to attatch the needle proporly to the syringe, forgot that little twist So let that be a reminder, never forget to twist the needle!! I'm probably not the first to pull a stunt like this, I hope not anyway

To any newbies don't let this story discourage you. I'm a newbie myself on my first cycle I feared the injection part a bit, but it doesn't hurt one bit. Neither did any part of this episode!!