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Thread: Heres a joke

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    Heres a joke

    A blonde and a brunette are sisters .. They need to purchase a Bull for there 100 head of cattle ...

    they only have $ 600 .00 to spare for the bull ... So the Brunette says she will handle the purchasing if the blonde would come with the trailer and pick it up .... they agree

    The brunette takes off and finally makes a deal on a bull that will do the job on the ranch... But its $599.00 no less ... so she says , sure I guess with the $1.00 I can send my sister a not telling her to come and pick it up ....

    well when at western union she realizes that the note she wanted to send cost $6.50 she say ok ... just send one word
    Comfortable ........

    The man says would that help her understand ....

    She replies ... she reads real slow ---- bull .....

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    Good one MM.

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