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    Talking Funny newbie gear story

    So a buddy of mine started his first cycle of test eth 4 weeks ago. He's never been on before, and wasnt sure about everything at first. He didnt know a thing about gear, and had no idea about the old horniness side effect. (I kinda forgot to metion that) So I have been getting weekly updates from him over the phone. For about the first three weeks he was like. "This shit sucks bro, its not doing anything!".

    OK so I talked to him the other day, and he starts telling me this story about how far he drove to get some ass. He lives downtown Chicago, and he drove to the far west suburbs-(Elgin I think) at 10pm like 50 miles or so. He called this chick on the the way out of the city, and she was not home. (He left anyway) Gets all the way to her house and she's not there.Now its 11:15ish. He drives all the way back to the city and 5 mins (45miles) 12:30ish from his house she calls and says "I just got home sorry I missed you". He says, "I'm on my way back there"! SO his ass drives all the way back to her house gets there around 1:45am or so. were talking like 3 hours+ on the road to get some ass. Then he had to get up a 4:30am to get back in time to make it to work.

    Oh yea, would you beleive it he thinks the gear is working now! LOL!
    I was laughing so hard when he told me the story. He was like "What's this shit doing to me! All I wanna do is have sex! Gotta love test bros!

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