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    Hello first time posting

    I am new to the board and I am suprised on all the info just by searching and reading but cant find out how to check if certian dot coms are legit or scammers. I am 36 years old,5-9" 210lb and about 20% fat(Way to fat for me) I have done 4 cycles so I am not a complete newbie.I have ordered some fina and would like to see if it will help me harden up(along with cardio).also can anyone tell me if this is legit? I saw this on a site and I am not sure if it is liquid? Didnt know it came in liquid.

    Clomiphene Citrate
    50mg/50ml $30.00

    Well I hope to enjoy my stay,

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    I have no input on your fina qustion as I've never run it... just wanted to say "Howdy" from one chubby 36 year old to another!!

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