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    Jobs regarding AAS

    Hey guys. I've heard of people that body builders and people trying to be one, paying a person that tells them what to take, when to take it, for how long, at what dose, what to eat, what to train each day, but does not physically train them, just all verbal. Kinda sounds like a consultation.

    I am currently a personal trainer at a Golds gym in southern California and one of my co workers is trying to go pro (bodybuilder) and i heard he pays someone about $5,000 for about 6 months of "being told" what to do.

    I currently do this for people but they do it for recreational use, they aren't trying to go pro. One of the people that I laid out an entire plan for won his first contest at his age group (40+). Him and his friend are the ones who told me I should get into getting paid for that kind of service because of my high level of education. I am currently 21 years of age and I love this industry. Does anyone know how to go about going into this field??

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    I used one for six months learned a ton.

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    Become a Doctor.

    Talk to narkissos. He may be able to give you some advice on this.

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    Find rich people that are willing to pay that don't know about this site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Times Roman View Post
    Find rich people that are willing to pay that don't know about this site?
    Presto, and bingo was his name-o!

    Seriously though! Lol. I might be natural but if I ever was to do aas or hell even do something to my suv or motorcycle that I haven't done before... It's the Internet and boards like these that makes learning a breeze! Shoot between this forum, trailvoy (I have an envoy) and vn750 (have a Vulcan 750) I've got all the bases covered! Lol.

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